Friday, February 22, 2008

Volo Museum - Worth the Drive (and great for DADS!)

Have any of you had your dads or father-in-laws in town to visit and wondered what on earth to do?

Or, in my case after living here several years, I felt I'd done everything in the immediate area that my dad would enjoy - until my co-worker suggested the Volo Auto Museum!!! It is a bit of a drive down to Illinois - but sooooo worth it! And as a bonus, they have a huge antique mall as well.

We've been back a couple of times since our first visit and have always had a good time. Check out their website for directions, maps, hours, prices, attractions, etc - but here is why I love the place:
  1. A big display of Military cars - cool for dads, brothers, husbands, ten year old kids and even me!
  2. Classic cars galore - and most are for sale - it's always fun to dream!
  3. Hollywood Cars from famous TV shows and movies! Check out the BatMobile, Back to the Future Time Machine, "Eleanor" from Gone in 60 Seconds - and lots more!
  4. Kid's section of Hollywood Cars - climb into the Flintstone's Car for a photo-op!
  5. Antique Mall - it's HUGE and was a hit with my mom and even younger sisters who are into "vintage" stuff.
  6. Food court - a bit pricey, but decent basics: pizza, fries, ice cream and sandwiches.

So, surprise your Dad (or car-obsessed hubby) and take a day trip down to Volo!

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