Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Favorites on the Speedy List

As I was creating the Speedy Spots List (see list to the right) I realized that some of these spots really are special to me and so I have to just give a few quick details on a few:

1 - Cedarburg: this is a big time favorite! Just 45 minutes or so north, it's a great place to go grab a treat and window shop along main street. Must sees/do's: get a caramel apple from Amy's, eat a crepe from Cream and Crepe Cafe, pick out a cookie cutter at Downtown Dough, search for treasure at the antique shop, get your scrapbooking fix at Legacy Scrapbook, relax on the bridge and watch the river go by, hit the Strawberry Festival in June, hit the Winter Festival in February, shop of course!

2- Holy Hill: another definite fave! Head north up 45 till you find the Holy Hill exit and head west till you get there. Along the way you'll pass some cute farms, hills and AMAZING colors in the fall. Best time is definitely early October. Once there, climb the tour and look out across WI, walk the Stations of the Cross and have a picnic. You'll find some apple stands on your way and getting fresh cider is a must! All is free other than a requested/voluntary donation to climb the tower.

3 - Joan of Arc Chapel: located on the campus of Marquette University (go Golden Eagles!!!!!) this is a fun Saturday thing to do! Although you should definitely check the web for hours. The chapel was brought over from France and is an adorable little chapel. Don't miss the stone in the back - supposedly Joan prayed at it and it turned cold to the touch in answer to her prayer. Touch the stone with one hand and the wall with another to feel the temperature difference. There should be a student guide there are most times - but like I said - check the web first. And while there, walk around MU campus it's beautiful too! Free too!

4 - Miller Brewery Tour: so even though the smell of beer usually makes my stomach queasy, I really enjoyed the tour of the brewery. You get a bit of Milwaukee and Miller history during a video at the start and then you get to go see the brewery in action. You end at the caves where you can have a soda - or beer. :) It's also free. Miller is afterall a Milwaukee staple.

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Catherine Call said...

Holy Hill is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. It is a yearly tradition for our family.