Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Up for a Drive?

As I start yearning for better weather I can't help but think of a favorite Chicago thing to do. (remember this blog is about Milwaukee AND surrounding area spots)

A definite Chicago favorite is the Architecture Tour that takes you down the Chicago River. We did this with my parents several summers ago and had a blast!

You ride in an open-air boat along the river with a guide (usually a grad student who really knows some fun facts!) while you marvel in the buildings around you - and as a bonus you get a really fun history lesson! Kellci was with us too - she was 9 or 10 and she loved it as well. You see a side of Chicago that you normally miss. I can't recall what tour company we used, but I know we started at Navy Pier. Tours generally go late March through early November.

Here are some websites - though I'm sure there are others:



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Paul and Kimberly Morrison Family said...

You gave me this tip before when my parents came to visit. It was on our top priority list and we all loved it! Thanks for the advice.