Monday, February 11, 2008

What is this blog all about?

Hello Milwaukee fans! Being a Milwaukee transplant I'm often faced with the question "What to do?" This question occurs on Saturday mornings, Holiday weekends, Friday nights and most pressingly when family and/or friends have come into town and want to see the sights. But wait... I'm not originally from here... how do I show people the sights?? What do I do over a long weekend?

Over time I've come to know who to ask and have found some real gems in the great Milwaukee area - and when I say greater Milwaukee Area of course that includes Chicago. One cannot live and love Milwaukee without also loving Chicago.

So, the purpose of this blog is give us Milwaukee transplants - and those who were born and raised here - to share their favorite spots, give tourist ideas and just revel in the fun that is Milwaukee. I've been in the spot where I didn't know what to do and I've been the one giving suggestions to new faces and I just want to share the wealth that makes up my "what to do" list and ask that you share too!

Make sense?

My main motivating factor are the many friends from church who come to the city as clueless as I started 6+ years ago! I want to make you all authors so that you too can post great places, restaurants, etc that you come across to share - contact me if you want to be an author!

OR you can simply post a comment with your suggestion! No need to become an author - there are lots of ways we can share!

Let's begin, shall we? See the next post for my fave custard spots! And start commenting with any Milwaukee favorites now!


Heather said...

Great idea!

Favorite places to let my toddler stretch his legs or play:
Zoo (of course)
Mitchell Domes
Pettit National Ice Center
West Allis Library
Wisconsin Humane Society

Good Food Find:
Il Mito (

Catherine Call said...

LAURA!!! I just got back in town and finally got a chance to read this blog. What a wonderful idea!! I can't wait to see what everybody posts. Milwaukee is the best.

Paul and Kimberly Morrison Family said...

Great idea!!! I have often wondered - "what to do?" as you say. I'm especially interested in the cheap ideas that are not too far of a drive. Thanks for putting this together!!!