Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Holiday Cheer...

I know this post comes to way too late... but there's always next year! So, in preparation for next Christmas take a few notes and keep these fun things in mind:

1. Jingle Bus - this big bus meets at the Downtown Grand Avenue Mall and takes you around town for $1 a person! Killer deal! It highlights several of the downtown parks/light displays and gives some fun facts about Milwaukee and the buildings - do this next year! It's a nice warm way to enjoy Milwaukee history and the holiday cheer of downtown.

2. Cathedral Square - while on the Jingle Bus I learned that Cathedral Square and 99.1 WMYX host Santa's Mailbox - where you can drop off letters to Santa AND get a response! I will be doing this next year! But go early as the deadline is mid-December (around the 14th). (There are also summer concerts here as well as other surrounding parks - click here for concert news.)

3. Milwaukee Holiday Lights Festival - again, I enjoyed these lights from the Jingle Bus - but there is lots to do during the Lights Festival - so check out their website.

4. Candy Cane Lane - a West Allis neighborhood teamed up with the MACCFUND and puts on a basic light display each year. Free admission, but donations are appreciated. It's a fun thing to do with the kids as you get to stay warm and dry in your own car. Check the 2009 calendar to see what "characters" - including Santa- will be making appearances.

5. Pabst Mansion - I myself have never done this tour during the Holiday Season, but it's a must-do for next year! I've been to the mansion during summer and it's a beautiful place to see. I can't wait to see how they deck it out for Christmas as I've heard it is truly amazing!!!

6. Holiday Night Lights at the zoo - again, something I have yet to go to, but it is on my must-do list for 2009! Starts in early December with an animal theme and visits from Santa and the Missus.

7. Outdoor Ice Skating - something I'm no good at, but kids always love it! A good way to get some physical activity during long winter months!

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