Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Custard! YUM!

Milwaukee (and WI as a whole) is known for its delicious, creamy and oh-so-satisfying CUSTARD. How is it different than ice cream, you may ask... well... it's just flat out better. It's richer and creamier and heavenly.

So, to truly experience Milwaukee you MUST get custard and you're in luck as there are tons of places to choose from!

Please note that these custard stands offer a "Flavor of the Day" - meaning a new creation every day and you can't get it again tomorrow! But you can always order good old fashioned vanilla or chocolate every day. And these places also offer shakes, malts, concretes, sundaes, etc - but the flavor of the day is often the best way to go! And you can usually find the flavor of the day menus online so you can choose what suites your palate best on any given day and then take your pick.

Here are some great spots to treat your taste buds:

1- Culvers - the biggest chain, they also offer famous Butter Burgers, also our extended families' favorite choice

2- Kopps

3- Roberts - no direct website, address: 6005 W. Appleton, Milwaukee

4- Gilles

5-Bubba's - the Turtle flavor saved me from a nervous breakdown while in Grad School

6- Oscar's

7- Bella's Fat Cat - fun east side location

8- Murf's - no direct website, address: 12505 W Burleigh RdBrookfield

9- Le Duc's - a bit of a drive from Milwaukee, but well worth it!

Of course there are more! But all of these are so darn good and offer a slightly different twist on Custard. Before you can say you've truly experienced Milwaukee, you MUST try custard. Enjoy and of course if you come across other custard gems, share it!


cutzdahair said...

Gilies has a great mint chocolate oreo custard-very yummy!!!

Catherine Call said...

Robert's is my absolute favorite!! Their Turtle Sundae is divine!