Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Discovery World

While we had out of town visitors we finally made it to Discovery World. It's very expensive so find a discount coupon if you can! But the aquariam is very neat and my 3 year old loved touching some of the "sea life". She also loved exploring the boat - so it's definitely worthwhile!

While there we also saw their live show "Tesla Lives" - which is HIGHLY recommended for all - and especially science geeks. Just don't take young kids as they electricity might scare them and Discovery World asks that 6 and under be left at home. So, this would be a very fun date night (or afternoon, showtimes are limited)! You can pay JUST to see the Tesla Show - no pricey Discovery World admission needed. As of now the website only gives showtimes through Feb 1st - not sure if that means this is a limited engagement - so do it soon if you can!

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