Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good Eats

I know that there will be lots of family pouring in from all over with graduations fast approaching - and so I thought I'd better post some good restaurant ideas! One my family's favorite things to do while here is to EAT out....so here goes! (in no particular order, just as the cravings randomly come to me).

1. Le Reve cafe in Tosa village. I was just introduced to this cute little French place! It's crowded at lunch time, but not so much at dinner time. They have fab soups and quiche and crepes! Probably wouldn't go with all my kids in tow, but perfect for mom and daughter outing. :) The pastries are overwhelming!

2. Trocadero off of Water St. downtown has delicious brunch!!! The atmosphere is soo fun! Check out their menus online (get mapquest directions too) and treat yourself!

3. Louise's in Brookfield or downtown Milwaukee has the best Calzones around - it will fill you up! Great italian!

4. Mi Cocina in Brookfield is my favorite Mexican restaurant. The food is decently priced, chips are warm and salsa is fantastic! My favorite dish is the San Luis burrito covered in chile de arbol creamy sauce - GET THIS! It's big enough to share if you are like me and eat too many chips while waiting! :) I crave this burrito ALL the time!

5. Taste of India in Brookfield is my favorite Indian restaurant. Get Samosa for starters, a Mango Lassi to drink and any of the entrees (though my fave is Chicken Shahi Korma - see if you can handle it at "medium" spciy). Prices are reasonable and staff is great (yes, they know my hubby and I by name....)

6. Pizzeria Piccola in the Tosa Village has amazing thin crust, wood oven baked pizza - it takes me back to our Italy vacation! And the village is sooo fun! Go here for your pizza fix!

7. Gibson's Steakhouse in Chicago. OK, this isn't a fair lcoation as this place is located in Chicago, but it has become my family's favorite splurge when in town and headed south for some Chicago fun.

8. Jerry's Old Town in Germantown is a new find - but the perfect place for a huge rack of ribs. Go hungry! The atmosphere is fantastic and the point is to get messy!

9. Historic Turner Restaurant - is downtown, right across from the Bradley Center. They serve yummy American and German food and the historic building is part of the draw. Great food and perfect location before/after an event at the Bradley center! This is a new find and I can't wait to take my family here when they next visit.

10. Chancery Family Pub - lcoated in Tosa Village. This is a well known restaurant with several WI location. They serve just good basic food, with a fun, light atmosphere - a place to take the whole gang! Tuesday is kids day.

That's all I've got for now - but more will be forthcoming! Avoid the big chain restaurants and support some local spots! Below are 2 recommendations from friend Cat (she never got around to finishing this post, so thought I'd copy her ideas here!)

1. Favorite Italian--Mama Mia's (on Greenfield Ave). Don't be fooled by the other Mama Mia's resturaunts around town. The ONLY Mama Mia's in my book is the one on Greenfield, just West of the State Fair Grounds. My favorite item there is by far the PIZZA!! Pizza is one of my two all-time favorite foods (I'll get to my other fave in a minute...), and this pizza is the best I have found. It is a thin and slightly crispy crust pizza with a delicious red sauce and very generous and fresh toppings. I don't like places that skimp on the toppings, and Mama Mia's never disappoints me!

2. Favorite Steak House--Eddie Martini's. Okay, okay, as far as meals go, this is an expensive one. But, it is SO WORTH IT! The service is second to none. For example, I left to go to the restroom at some point before the main course, and when I came back, a fresh linen napkin was folded in my chair. The waiters will brush the bread crumbs from the table so that the eating area is always spotless. But more important than the irreproachable service is their heavenly food. As your first course, may I suggest the Seafood Bisque. It is this bowl of creamy soup with tender chunks of lobster, crab, and shrimp. My favorite steak there is the T-bone, followed closely by the New York strip.

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